Capture Elation: 58Miles Camera Bags

Elevate your photography game with our thrillingly designed, Indian-made camera bags tailored for true enthusiasts!


Ingeniously designed, technologically unrivaled.

We are devoted to creating the best-performing bags in the world. Our design pillars keep us focused on the most critical elements of performance.


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Innovative design

Water resistance

Uncompromising Quality

Tech-Ready Comfort

What our customers say..


I have 6 bags already but the moment I have seen this ,I was sure that this must be in my portfolio. Whenever I have a day or two to travel with small kit, I take 58miles bag with me. Full of camera gears , my clothes , tripod , laptop and all in just one bag.

Bhagat Odedara 

Bought the yellow one, first of all it doesn’t look like a camera bag and that makes it special for me. Another is the quick side access to take out camera for some amazing moments to capture. 58miles is the fav camera bag for me now.

D Ratnani

One bag fits all, that’s enough for me. It’s cute and doesn’t scream that it’s a camera bag. Must must for any photographer.

Priya Kumar 

I just liked this bag from the outer look, and didn’t knew that it’s a camera bag. But when I came to know that I can convert it in to a normal everyday tech carry, I immediately got it. It’s my companion now wherever I go

Vini Baweja 

I hate these black bulky camera bags always but have to use them as I travel to shoot. When I came across this no nonsense camera bag, It exactly matched my requirement like it looks amazing, It can fit whole lot more for it’s size and it’s light weight. It’s my only camera bag now.

Rahil Mehrotra