Finding Beauty in Chaos: Arunava Kundu's Unconventional Photography

Finding Beauty in Chaos: Arunava Kundu's Unconventional Photography

Showcase is an effort by 58Miles to bring beautiful journeys of some of the amazing photographers of India & aboard . You will read about their journey , techniques , style and can see the outcome of their art in stunning frames. We asked them some questions to deep dive in to space and here we are....

Introducing 58Miles showcase photographer Arunava Kundu from Howrah 

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got started in photography?

I am Arunava Kundu, an amateur photographer, live in Howrah, West Bengal.
I have had a keen interest towards creative works from my childhood. I liked to draw and paint. I never thought about photography. But I liked to look at photographs. Slowly, after a long time, I grew interested in photography. After completing my studies, I bought a camera. My first camera was a Nikon Coolpix L 100. I tried to click some pictures using that. I carefully observed other people's photography. In this way I started to work on my passion. Then, in the year 2013, I bought my first dslr Nikon D5200. Till now I am using that camera. All of my pictures are shot with this camera.

My favourite subject is Street. Other than that, I love to click anything except wildlife.

In that sense, I never went through any formal photography learning course. But I learned about how to edit a picture. All the ideas I got about photography is due to my engagement in social media. Each day I see new pictures and try to learn from them.

I love to experiment with photography. I never follow any rules. I click the ones which are beautiful in my eyes.

My first award came in 2014 when I won the grand prize from Shenzhen International Photography Contest (China). I got many national and international prizes and some of my shots were published in many national and international magazines.


What inspires your photography, and how do you choose your subjects or themes?

I have been inspired by many national and international photographers.

My favorite subject is street. The advantage of the street is that I can get new pictures every day in the same location. I can show many untold stories of everyday life through my clicks.



What has been your most memorable photography project or shoot, or any inspiring story around it, and why?

All my work is special and memorable to me. Every work is different from other works. Always trying to do something new.



What is your photography kit ? or we would say, what is in your camera bag?

NIKON D 5200 camera.

NIKON 10 - 20 mm lens.

NIKON 18 - 105 mm lens.


What advice would you give to photographers who are just starting out and looking to make a name for themselves?

Look at more pictures, take more pictures. Always try something new. Use of light is very important. wait for the right moment and click. Try to tell a story in the picture.




You can find Arunava Kundu on:

Instagram : arunabhakundu