From Gangtok to Global Streets: The Photographic Journey of Pranay Pariyar

From Gangtok to Global Streets: The Photographic Journey of Pranay Pariyar

Showcase is an effort by 58Miles to bring beautiful journeys of some of the amazing photographers of India & aboard . You will read about their journey , techniques , style and can see the outcome of their art in stunning frames. We asked them some questions to deep dive in to space and here we are....

Introducing 58Miles showcase photographer Pranay Pariyar from Sikkim. 

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got started in photography?

I am a Sikkimese, born and brought up in Gangtok. I have been into painting and sketching since my childhood. I always felt I have keen eyes for good frames. Around 2015 while living in London, I had zero social circle and lots of free time to kill during weekends. On one of my solo trips in Europe I picked my first DSLR. That’s when I realized how interesting photography can get. While I started off with clicking birds, bees, butterflies, portraits of family etc., it was after a couple of years I started experimenting with Street Photography and got hooked to it.

What inspires your photography, and how do you choose your subjects or themes?

My major inspiration in photography comes from that rush of dopamine when I see interesting frames. In streets there’s always so many coincidences happening. There’s a certain harmony to be found in chaos. Patterns form, things align. It is this thought that always gives me butterflies in tummy when step out with my camera. That’s my biggest inspiration. Many a times the perspectives that you see through your lens can make you speechless. It is that moment and emotion which is a major driving force in my obsession with photography. Might sound a bit eccentric but that’s how photography works for me personally.

Street Photography is a genre that relies a lot on spontaneity. You cannot really plan your shots in advance. You may have tons of shots in mind while you choose a particular spot or event to photograph. But street always surprises you. Especially the Indian streets are so dynamic, so many colors, emotions and cultures.

What has been your most memorable photography project or shoot, or any inspiring story around it, and why?

To me a major turning point in my learning in photography came with my first trip to Varanasi. When I stepped into the Ghats of Varanasi for the first time I knew the place is special. The spiritual vibes of Ghats, murals and graffiti on walls, mighty ganga flowing beside and awe-inspiring Manikarnika ghat. All of this had a deep impact in the way I see things.

What is your photography kit ? or we would say, what is in your camera bag? 

I own Nikon z5 and Nikon D5200 and a couple of lenses to go with them. I have a bag that I use for both carrying my laptop to work during weekdays and camera during weekends. No special camera bag really . 


What advice would you give to photographers who are just starting out and looking to make a name for themselves?

So I do not look at photography this way. It should never be about making a name for yourself or being popular. In my opinion it should just be about your passion. You should appreciate all forms of art and all genres of photography. Especially in street photography you need to work on your observation skills. You see things that people usually do not notice. All of this comes from being aware of your surroundings, being in the moment and being appreciative of things you see around. 


You can find Pranay Pariyar on :

Instagram : triggerha_pp