The story of 58Miles

Never knew the design, so here's how I started learning how to design a bag on paper first.
It all started 2 year back, when we decided to launch our backpack brand and Camera bag was not even in the list. 

I was the only person in the team, and was working on various designs and then running to various manufacturers who will make one sample to test but all in vein as quality manufacturers have high MOQs and things were not going good. 

Meanwhile a friend who is photographer asked me why I am hidden in my room whole day and night , I could not explain to him. He offered me to go on a small work tour with him as it will be good outing and he will finish his work of shooting a farm. 

After many days I came out of my room (I call it design lab), but for a 2 days trip he was carrying 2-3 bags and I asked why so many bags on which he said that one bag is for his camera gears ,another one for clothes and other stuff and laptop.  I thought for sometimes and didnt say anything, just came home and started studying camera bags across the globe and at the end of the day, I was clear about our first product. 

A game changing camera bag, but nothing is so easy 

In next story you will know how we cracked the first peace... 
Stay tuned